Vol. 29, No. 10 December 20, 2013

Alexandria Ordinance Revision to Comply with the Virginia Stormwater Management Act

The City will be amending the Environmental Management Ordinance and the Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinances to comply with several new regulatory requirements. Public input is sought on the effort to meet the new state regulations as well as the load reductions required by the Chesapeake Bay TMDL.

The timeline for this effort is available in the Memorandum to Industry No. 02-14, or you may contact Claudia Hamblin-Katnik at 703 746-4065 for more information.

Background Information

The State Water Control Law, Title 62.1, is the basis for all requirements pertaining to stormwater management in Virginia. This Stormwater Management Act authorizes the Water Control Board to promulgate Stormwater Management Regulations and establish the statewide program through the adoption of stormwater management programs by local governments and other entities. New regulations were promulgated and finalized in 2011. An integration bill, approved by the State Assembly in 2013, further moved to integrate stormwater management with Erosion and Sediment Control and the Chesapeake Bay programs.

Stormwater Management Regulations can also be seen at the Virginia Town Hall. While the link provided shows the present regulations, the General Assembly is entertaining changes at their December meeting. It is always best to go to the Town Hall site to get the latest version of the regulations.

The Draft Environmental Management Ordinance is ready for review. This ordinance will be reviewed by the City Attorney and public comments can be addressed to Claudia Hamblin-Katnik at Claudia.Hamblin-Katnik@alexandriava.gov through December 30. This early date is to ensure that your comments can be known and integrated prior to the Ordinance going to Planning Commission. A proposed Planning Commission hearing is scheduled for February 4,.

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