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additional resources - archeology

General Resources
Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP)
ACHP Section 106 Archeology Guidance (.pdf 1.4MB)
National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 (.pdf 66KB)
National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 (.pdf 0.6MB)

State Resources
Guidance Documents to Virginia Register of Regulations (Choose “Historic Resources, Department” from the dropdown menu)
Virginia Department of Historic Resources

City of Alexandria
Request for Preliminary Assessment Form(.pdf 45KB)
Zoning Ordinance(.pdf 55KB)

Fairfax County
County Heritage Resource Plan(.pdf 51KB)
County Historic Overlay Districts
County Historic Overlay District Maps (.pdf 1.4MB)

Loudoun County
Facilities Standards Manual Section 8.102 (.pdf 0.2MB)
Zoning Ordinance Section 6 (.pdf 5.4MB)
Rezoning and Special Use Applications
Land Use Review

Prince William County
Cemetery Ordinance (.pdf 65KB)
Cultural Resources Chapter of the Comprehensive Plan (.pdf 0.6MB)
Map: Historic Sensitivity Areas and Designated Cultural Resources (.pdf 0.6MB)
Map: Prehistoric Sensitivity Areas (.pdf 0.3MB)
Reference Manual for Rezoning, Special Use Permit, and Proffer Amendment Applications
Pre-Submission Package for Rezoning, Special Use Permit, and Proffer Amendment Applications





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