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Virginia Mitigation Banking Instrument Template, February 2010 (.pdf 19KB)
Federal Register- Final Compensatory Mitigation Rule, April 2008 (.pdf 0.6MB)

External Links
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Wetlands Inventory – Regional Wetlands Coordinators
EPA Fact Sheet on Mitigation Banking

Articles and Other Documents
COE Norfolk District and Virginia DEQ Recommendations for Wetland Compensatory Mitigation - July 2004 (.pdf 354KB)
COE Regulatory Guidance Letter for the Establishment and Maintenance fo Compensatory Mitigation Projects - October 2001 (.pdf 53KB)
Financial Assurance Instruments for Compensatory Mitigation Under the Corps Regulatory Program (.pdf 1.21MB)
IWR White Paper: Implementing Financial Assurance for Mitigation Project Success (.pdf 960KB)
Can the Mitigation Regulations Deliver Better Mitigation?  Use Private Sector Models, March 2009 (.pdf 0.1MB)
The Influence of Microtopography on Soil Nutrients in Created Mitigation Wetlands, June 2008 (.pdf 0.3MB)
Soil Properties in Northern Virginia Created Forested Wetlands (.pdf 0.3MB)
Mitigation Banking Chapter of Applied Wetlands Science and Technology, 2000 (.pdf 3.5MB)
The Nature Conservancy - Watershed Approach Handbook (.pdf 4.25MB)

Hydraulic Roughness and Manning's n Value
Guide for Selecting Manning's Roughness Coefficients for Natural Channels and Flood Plains (.pdf 3.5MB)
Study of Hydraulic Roughness in Wetland Vegetation Takes New Look at Manning's n: Wetlands Research Program Bulletin - Mar. 1994
(.pdf 7.8MB)

Dealing with the New World of Wetland and Stream Permitting in 2007 (.pdf 11.82MB) 






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