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additional resources - stream restoration


Design and Regulatory Resources
Natural Channel Design - Fundamental Concepts, Assumptions, and Methods (.pdf 4.71MB)

Stream Impact Assessment Manual (SIAM) - Version 1.3
2008 Draft Technical Guidance for Stream Restoration Projects – Fairfax County Land Development Services (LDS) (.pdf 85KB)
DEQ Success Criteria (.pdf 77KB)
VAPSS Technical Meeting (.pdf 3.53MB)
VA Stream Restoration and Stabilization BMP Guide (.pdf 4.61MB)
Chesapeake Stormwater Network: Recommendations of the Expert Panel To Define Removal Rates for Individual Stream Projects
(.pdf 1.83MB)

Articles, Presentations, and Studies
The Quality of Our Nation's Waters: Effects of Urban Development on Stream Ecosystemsin Nine Metropolitan Study Areas Across
    the United States (.pdf 26.77MB)
Civil Engineering News - Mitigation Bank Finances, Major Stream Restoration (.pdf 2.13MB)
Daylighting Streams: Breathing New Life Into Urban Streams and Communiites (.pdf 1.7MB)

Daylighting - New Life for Buried Streams (.pdf 3.0MB)
USGS Quality of Our Nations Waters: Ecological Health in the Nation's Streams, 1993-2005 (.pdf 33.25MB)

Montana’s Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, Water Resources Division Technical Training Course:  Streambank Stabilization and Erosion Control Design Course Material
    - Engineered Log Jams (.pdf 5.41MB)
    - Engineered Log Jam Calcultations (MS Excel, 0.25MB)

    - All Course Materials




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