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aerospace corporation - westfields parcel 35 stream restoration


Fairfax County, Virginia
Owner: Duke Construction Limited Partnership

As compensatory mitigation for stream impacts for the Aerospace Corporation – Westfields Parcel 35 project, WSSI prepared a plan to restore approximately 800 linear feet of unnamed tributary to Flatlick Branch using certain practicable elements of Natural Channel Design (NCD) while also providing adequate outfall capacity for the proposed project and taking into account the significant constraints imposed by the complex urban nature of the project watershed.  The restoration design modifies the existing channel dimension, pattern and profile; reinforces the channel bed; and incorporates numerous native plantings to improve the existing riparian corridor. 

Prior to preparing the restoration plan, WSSI also conducted numerous environmental studies, including a WOUS delineation and survey, existing vegetation mapping, ETS surveys, Resource Protection Area mapping, a Water Quality Impact Assessment, and Environmental Quality Corridor mapping.  Interaction with numerous members of the development team, community stakeholders, and County staff, Planning Commissioners, and Board of Supervisors was essential to the success of the project. 

WSSI Provided the following services for the Aerospace Corporation – Westfields Parcel 35 Stream Restoration project:

  • WOUS Delineation Report
  • Jurisdictional Determination
  • Unified Stream Methodology Report
  • Resource Protection Area Plan
  • Environmental Quality Corridor Mapping
  • Water Quality Impact Assessment
  • Archeology Phase I report
  • ETS Survey
  • State Programmatic General Permit
  • VA Water Protection Permit
  • Stream Restoration Concept Plan
  • Stream Restoration Preliminary Plan Set
  • Tree List/Survey
  • Stream Restoration Plan Set
  • VDOT Land Use Permits (Entrance Permits)
  • Virginia Stormwater Management Program Permit
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan
  • Construction Monitoring Reports
  • Photo Documentation





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