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Fairfax County, Virginia
Owner: Prince William County

In 1995, WSSI designed and obtained approval for the first private wetlands mitigation bank in northern Virginia, the 230-acre Julie J. Metz Wetlands Bank.  By the end of 1997, a total of 17 acres of wetlands had been constructed; the remaining 213 acres of the site consist of upland buffers and existing wetlands that will be preserved in perpetuity.  Selected design features include a 2 mile wood chip and boardwalk nature trail; forested wetlands with several sub-communities defined by elevation and species composition; and pockets of emergent marsh and shrub wetlands to maximize wildlife values.  In September 1995, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers dedicated this project in honor of Julie J. Metz, a U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (COE) biologist who led the inter-Agency Mitigation Bank Agreement Task Force, and who passed away from breast cancer at age 38.  The project received the NAIOP Environmental Award in 1995.

WSSI monitored Phase I of the bank for 12 years and Phase II of the bank for 10 years, as stipulated in the Mitigation Banking Instrument.  Through monitoring, WSSI demonstrated that the created wetland had successfully met all monitoring criteria both in extreme drought and in extremely wet years.  In February 2005, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality approved the wetland bank as successful, and the land has since been donated to Prince William County.

WSSI Provided the following services for the Julie J. Metz Wetland Bank:

  • WOUS Delineation Report
  • Jurisdictional Determination
  • ETS Research
  • Pre-wetland Ground Monitoring Report
  • Wetland Mitigation Concept Plan
  • Wetland Design/Construction Plan Set
  • As-built Survey
  • Mitigation Banking Instrument
  • Mitigation Credit Accounting Ledger
  • COE Nationwide Permit
  • Vegetation and Hydrology Monitoring Reports
  • Soil Permeability/Fertility Testing
  • Photo Documentation



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