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Virginia Stormwater Management Regulations
An Update on the Changing Stormwater Regulations and What it Means to You - Presented to NVBIA on February 19, 2014 (.pdf 4.4MB)
Fairfax County Stormwater Management Ordinance (Code Chapter 124) and VPDES construction general permit coverage - New Resources
Moving Forward: The Virginia Stormwater Management Regulations, TMDLs, Impaired Waters and SWPPPs- February 21, 2013 (.pdf 10.9MB)
New State Water Control Law Sections - Effective July 1, 2014 (.pdf 87KB)
Virginia Stormwater Management Regulations - Effective September 13, 2011
(.pdf 193KB)
Virginia Runoff Reduction Spreadsheet and Associated Documents
Virginia Stormwater BMP Clearinghouse

General Design
Information About WSSI’s Green Office
Section 502 Draft Guidance for Federal Land Management in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed (Proposed March 15, 2010)
Promoting Low Impact Development in Virgina: A Review and Assessment of Nontidal County Codes and Ordinances, June 2012 (.pdf 2.8MB)
Virginia Association of Professional Soil Scientists Technical Session, March 2012
Fairfax County Public Facilities Manual LID Amendments, 2007 (.pdf 1.4MB)
U.S. EPA: Reducing Stormwater Costs Through LID Strategies and Practices, December 2007 (.pdf 0.7MB)
U.S. Department of Defense Unified Facilities Criteria: Low Impact Development, November 2010 (.pdf 725KB)
Prince Georges County, Maryland: Low-Impact Development Hydrologic Analysis, July 1999 (.pdf 2.0MB)
Cost-Effective Stormwater Management in the James River Watershed

Rain Gardens
Case Study: Residential Rain Garden Design and Construction, March 2006 (.pdf 5.3MB)

Water Efficiency and Rainwater Harvesting
Rainwater Harvesting and Use Guidelines, March 2011 (.pdf 69KB)
Creating Green Stormwater presentation, October 2009 (.pdf 3.5MB)
Rainwater Harvesting and Irrigation Management presentation, October 2009 (.pdf 1.3MB)
Virginia Rainwater Harvesting Manual, 2007 (.pdf 1.0MB)
EPA’s WaterSense Program
DEQ Water Reclamation and Reuse Program Website

Channel Protection
Urban Stream Syndrome - The Relationship Between Population Density and Impervious Surfaces (.pdf 1.9MB)
Modification to Loudoun County stormwater receiving channel criteria (.pdf 22KB)

Permeable Pavements
Suspended Pavement: The Best System for Urban Development, August 2012 (.pdf 86KB)
A Side-by-Side Comparison of Pervious Concrete and Porous Asphalt, August 2012 (.pdf 442KB)
Carroll County Pervious Concrete Pavements Presentation, March 2007 (.pdf 2.3MB)
Specifying Pervious Concrete Presentation, March 2007 (.pdf 3.8MB)
When It Rains, It Drains! Presentation, March 2007 (.pdf 6.2MB)
When It Rains, It Drains! Brochure (.pdf 2.4MB)
Eagle Bay Pavers
Uni Eco-Stone
FilterPave System

Structural Soils
Engineering Urban Forests for Stormwater Management (.pdf 2.7MB)
Managing Stormwater for Urban Sustainability Using Trees and Structural Soils, 2008 (.pdf 7.2MB)
Using Porous Asphalt and CU-Structural Soil, 2007 (.pdf 1.4MB)
Using CU Structural Soil in the Urban Environment, 2005 (.pdf 15.0 MB)
Structural Soils and Low-Impact Development Presentation (.pdf 8.2MB)

Bioretention Soil Media
Clogging Mechanism of Stormwater Filter Media by NaCl as a Deicing Salt (.pdf 1.3 MB)




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